Friday, 26 April 2013

Trailer Progress

Saba and I have completed the main components of our trailer as well as the editing stage, however the problem now is that our storyline is not clear for the audience to understand and the shots do not make sense and does not tell the story clearly. Some questions that were raised was that "Why is the killer after the woman?" "Who is the killer?" and "Who is the victim?" Therefore, Saba and I had to make clear what the story actually is and so we filmed a news article which states "Tragic Lone Surviver of Car Accident Escapes Institution" this shows why the killer is back and shows that the car accident had her family in it and the "Lone Surviver" suggests she faced mental problems as we want the male lead to  be the reason why her family have died and now she has come back to seek revenge on him and his family. This then shows a clear meaning and storyline for the film and also raises questions. However, even though this was nessarcy Saba and I had to change a lot for this to be the storyline such as moving around different shots adding and cutting shots as this will make the trailer be more understandable.

Furthermore, Saba and I recieved feedback for our trailer and the main concern is that it lacked speed and from looking at trailers such as The Woman in Black and The Ring they included speed so that it reached a highpoint where the audience can feel scared and shocked. Also, we are going to change the narrative so that it tells the story more clearly instead of using the film's slogan as it does not tell the audience anything about the characters or the story.